CANDi... saving the lives of stray cats and dogs through spay, neuter and adoption programs supported by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers.

Board of Directors

CANDi was incorporated in October 2006 as both a Canadian and a US charity.  The Board of Directors currently has representation from Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

The founder, Darci Galati, is the President and CEO of CANDi and leads the board in its work.  The primary role of the Board of Directors is to:

  • Oversee the affairs and business of CANDi
  • Establish policies, rules and regulations to carry out the mission work of CANDi
  • Support CANDi with a personal financial contribution at a level that demonstrates their personal commitment and establishes credibility if called upon to ask others to give
  • Unwaveringly stand behind and promote the mission of CANDi
  • Contribute knowledge, skills and experience in their respective areas of expertise

Jami Latham


Dagmar Schouton


Graham Keys


Karen Bauer

Karen’s 22 years as the founder and owner of a travel company required her to travel often to tourist destinations. As an animal-lover, she was always dismayed and heartbroken to see the stray and feral cats and dogs, many sick and starving. When she would ask what was being done, she was usually met with a shrug. She realized that the impact of seeing these sad animals came home with her – and that it also did for millions of tourists. The feeling of helplessness was devastating.


Katie Bauer

As a travel business owner specializing in the Caribbean and Mexico, Katie’s work sent her to hundreds of resorts and on cruises in these areas. Dismayed by what she saw, she decided to team up with her sister Karen and Darci Galati to make a difference in these animals’ lives.


Peter Denooij

Peter Denooij graduated from Utrecht University, The Netherlands in 1976. He practiced veterinary medicine in Alberta, Canada, for over 25 years. He was a board member of the Edmonton Humane Society (2003 – 2009) and the Alberta SPCA (2011 – 2015), and he understands the pressing animal welfare issues associated with under-served areas.


Douglas Edwards

Doug is founder and Executive Chairman of ZoneTV, an industry leading TV media and technology company with its headquarters in Ontario’s Durham Region and in Santa Monica, California. Due to his love of animals, especially those who are in need of care, Doug decided to dedicate a large portion of his professional experience and time to help the Humane Society of Durham Region (HSDR).


Lee Graham

A New England native, Lee Graham is an attorney with a practice focusing on criminal defense and personal injury litigation in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He has previously been a police officer in Michigan and New Hampshire, and, prior to that, an Intelligence Analyst with the United States Air Force.


Len Butticci

Len is a successful business person in the insurance services sector, with extensive background in animal welfare and shelter operations, actively serving as Vice-President of the Board at Humane Society of Durham Region and Member of the Board of the Ontario SPCA.


Jim Mayne

Jim Mayne been happily married to Sylvia since 1970. Sylvia and Jim have two sons and two grandchildren.

He has been a commercial realtor and managing broker in Kelowna, British Columbia for 43 years, multi year director of the real estate board, and an instructor for the British Columbia Real Estate Association for a dozen years.


Cliff Dumas

Cliff’s significant broadcast career includes being named the winner of both a CMA (Country Music Association) and ACM (Academy Of Country Music) Award for Major Market Broadcaster of the Year in the U.S. He has also been named Radio Personality of the Year in Canada 18 times and is a Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductee. Cliff is a 2012 and 2013 Mark Award Winner for Excellence in Broadcast Marketing as the voice of CHCH television.


Neva Kaya

Neva grew up in the Caribbean where she got involved with rescue at a young age. She currently lives in LA with her deaf pitbull dalmatian mix Cheeseburger, who she found on the street as a puppy.


Tracey Buyce

Tracey BuyceTracey is a top-ranked wedding and pet photographer in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Her work has been published in numerous high profile publications and websites. She is an active member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, Fearless Photographers and Professional Photographers of America.


Jean Cloutier

Jean CloutierJean is a passionate animal advocate who, having seen animal suffering in tourist destinations first hand, has supported CANDi since its founding. As an entrepreneur, Jean is involved in different business ventures primarily as Founder/Owner of Cost Management Solutions. 


Jerry Kaplan

Jerry KaplanNew York native Jerry Kaplan has nearly 50 years of experience in accounting. Following his graduation from New York University with a degree in accounting, he worked in a public accounting firm for several years, before moving to private accounting and becoming Controller of Operations. In 1966, Kaplan became Assistant to the Treasurer at one of the oldest and best-known pharmaceutical companies in the United States.  In 1970, he became the youngest treasurer in the history of the company. In 1977, Kaplan started his own accounting practice, which he has built it into a successful business consulting firm.


Craig Moritz

Craig MoritzBest known for his voice on the country music circuit, Craig Moritz lends his voice to CANDi as our official celebrity spokesperson. After falling in love with a stray dog in Cuba while on vacation in 2010, Craig wanted to find a way to bring the dog back to Canada to adopt. At the time, Craig wasn’t successful in bringing that dog home, but upon returning home to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, he learned about CANDi through a TV broadcast. Craig immediately reached out to CANDi to lend his support.


Hector Navarro

Hector Navarro_thumb Hector was born in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico,  studied film, photography and visual arts.  Has taught visual arts at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and worked freelance on TV and film productions.  

Hector and his wife are diehard animal lovers and they have rescued many animals so they know the desperate need for spay and neuter clinics.


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