CANDi... saving the lives of stray cats and dogs through spay, neuter and adoption programs supported by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers.

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It's a common complaint; tourists spend thousands of dollars to vacation in destinations boasting sun, sand, and natural beauty only to encounter stray dogs and cats suffering on the beaches and streets, dying of starvation or injury, and desperate for help. These experiences soon sadden vacationers, many of whom vow never to return.

There is overwhelming anecdotal evidence: hundreds of letters and emails received by local animal welfare groups and tourist boards every year, vacation chat forums where animal lovers are advised to avoid certain destinations altogether; and petitions calling for travel boycotts of areas in which abuse is known to take place. 

There is statistical evidence as well. A report released in 2002 by the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association estimated that the Caribbean island loses an average of $15 million a year in direct and indirect costs as a result of the stray animal problem.

Appalled and disheartened by the animal suffering, many tourists wonder why something isn't being done. The truth is that local governments usually have limited funds to contribute to a humane solution. Instead, their response is often to round up stray animals and destroy them by electrocution, drowning or worse. This inhumane "fix" not only fails to solve the underlying problem, but also results in negative publicity.

As members of a global community, tourists and those in the tourism industry have the unique opportunity to support animals in need, creating humane, enjoyable and coveted vacation destinations around the world.  CANDi provides the framework for such an opportunity.

Unlike any other animal welfare organization, CANDi brings together business interests, economic interests and charitable interests to implement consistent, effective and humane programs wherever they are needed most.

CANDi Programs

CANDi offers sustainable and viable solutions to worldwide stray cat and dog overpopulation through proven animal welfare programs. Straightforward and measurable, these programs can be duplicated in any corner of the globe. 

Our programs bring spay/neuter clinics to local communities, enable resort-based facilities to become safe havens for stray cats, assist with transporting rescued animals, and promoting adoptions into loving homes in Canada and the United States.  And through educational programs, we teach generations of children to be responsible pet owners.

CANDi is the only animal welfare organization that partners with the tourism industry to offer a unique and fresh approach to addressing the complex problem of stray cats and dogs.


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