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Air Transport Program

CANDi's mission includes saving the lives of cats and dogs through adoption programs. However, CANDi does not operate an animal shelter. Instead, we rely upon local animal rescue groups certified by CANDi as "humane partners" to facilitate cat or dog adoptions. View CANDi humane partner certification criteria here.

Yet finding loving and safe homes locally for rescued cats and dogs in Mexico, the Caribbean and other international destinations can be challenging so CANDi assists our humane partners in saving lives by transporting rescued cats and dogs without the airline service fee from Mexico and the Caribbean to Canada through the corporate support of Air Transat. Other fees will apply as listed below.

At this time, CANDi is not able to offer such airline service fee waivers to the U.S. However, CANDi will still work to coordinate the transportation to the U.S. of an adopted cat or dog with the assistance of our humane partners. All airline service fees would be the responsibility of the humane partner and/or adopting parent or animal rescue group in the U.S.

In order to maintain these benefits from our travel partners, CANDi has put in place strict health and transportation protocols for our humane partners to work by.

Health Protocols for International Animal Transfer

View CANDi's health protocol here.

Transportation Protocols for International Animal Transfer

Humane Partner Requirements

  • Find animal group in Canada or U.S.: It is the responsibility of humane partners in Mexico and the Caribbean to find reputable animal rescue groups in Canada (or the U.S.) that will accept the rescued cats and dogs and agree to find them homes. We can also assist our humane partners in Mexico and the Caribbean to transport rescue dogs and cats to direct adoptive homes.
  • Costs of transportation: The humane partner must also cover the costs of transportation (CANDi does not have a rescue fund available) as follows:
    • Rescue and rehabilitation
    • Vet costs and all health protocols required to get rescue animal ready for transport to Canada (or the U.S.) Required health protocol here.
    • Custom charges: Groups in Mexico/Caribbean are responsible for customs charges upon departure and groups in Canada/US pay for any additional charges with customs or cargo upon arrival.
      • Estimated costs for Canada depend on what cargo company is used in the destination Canadian city. For example, Swissport charges approximately between $60-$100 USD per airway bill upon arrival.
    • Airline service fees for U.S.-bound rescued cats or dogs: As mentioned above, all airline service fees would be the responsibility of the humane partner and/or adopting parent or animal rescue group in the U.S.
    • Kennels: Groups must purchase kennels that are safety approved for transport. Here is an example of airline-approved kennels.

** Please note, if you are able to have a rescue group or shelter in Canada who provides kennels, CANDi can arrange to have them transported for free from Canada to Mexico/Caribbean or anywhere Air Transat flies (see flight routes at: dependent on cargo facilities in that location. To see more info, click here.


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