CANDi... saving the lives of stray cats and dogs through spay, neuter and adoption programs supported by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers.

"Make A Difference" with a dollar a day

The Make a Difference program is a simple, yet effective way of empowering hotels to make a difference in their communities by requesting a small contribution from guests.  When hotel guest check in at a participating hotel, they are invited to add $1 (or local currency equivalent), to their bill per night upon checkout. There is no obligation for guests who do not wish to participate. Funds will be used to help CANDi provide free spay/neuter and education programs within the local community.

The Need

CANDi works with the tourist industry in the Caribbean and Mexico to help save the lives of stray cats and dogs, while improving the vacation experience. Animal suffering can ruin holidays for tourists, many who have no other alternate avenues to help stray animals while on vacation. Since there is little funding available from local governments to address the problem, a partnership with CANDi will create the long-term humane solution these destinations need, as well as impact tourism in a positive way.

How is the money used?

  • Provide free spay/neuter and other veterinary services to low-income families in the local neighborhood.
  • Humanely reduce the stray animal population through sterilization and education programs.
  • Introduce the local animal group and CANDi partner to the hotel to implement the Cat Café program, as applicable.
  • Offer initial and continuing education and training to hotel staff.

The Benefits

  • Empower local community organizations to implement animal welfare programs that will instill pride and enhance the atmosphere of local neighborhoods.
  • Increase business by promoting compassionate practices via the media and through referrals.
  • Improve the vacation experience for hotel and resort guests.
  • Build an image and reputation of responsibility and sustainability.
  • Receive customized marketing materials and individual training through CANDi, free of charge.
  • Create long-term change for the stray dog and cat overpopulation in the community through sterilization and education programs.
  • Show support of local animal organizations.
  • Option to select target list of local charities to receive funding in addition to CANDi. CANDi will share the donation with the local charity.
  • 100% of the money goes to the animals when working with CANDi in the “Make a Difference” program.

How much can each hotel expect to raise?

Though results vary, we have found that about 75% of guests choose to donate to this type of animal-welfare program. (For example, a 100 room hotel with a 50% annual occupancy and 75% of guests donating $1 per night can raise almost $14,000 a year!)

The Responsibilities - CANDi

  • Provide a letter of agreement between CANDi and hotel
  • Produce printed materials for display including key-folders, tent cards, posters, folio notices, and in-room videos.
  • Supply the hotel with a quarterly update of how the donation is being spent.
  • Introduce the local animal group and CANDi partner to the hotel to implement the Cat Café program, as applicable.
  • Offer initial and continuing education and training to hotel staff.
  • Promote the hotel as a humane and responsible destination of choice for animal-loving tourists

The Responsibilities - Hotel

  • Offer guests the option of contributing $1 per night to their bill upon checkout.
  • Transfer donated funds to CANDi on a monthly basis via check or electronic transfer.
  • Provide CANDi with a point of contact to ensure continuity and seamless implementation and maintenance of these programs.

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