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CANDi International is pleased to announce ACTA’s—Association of Canadian Travel Agencies—endorsement and support for the humane treatment of animals at tourist destinations lacking animal welfare policies.

CANDi works in Mexico, the Caribbean, and other international destinations to save the lives of stray animals through spay/neuter, education, humane programs and other resources, empowering local communities to implement compassionate standards for the treatment of all animals at tourist destinations.

“We are proud to have ACTA on board in promoting our message,” says CANDi founder Darci Galati. “We feel extremely privileged to have ACTA’s President & COO, David McCaig, on CANDi’s Advisory Board to help bridge the gap between the travel industry and tourists wanting to help improve the lives of stray animals abroad.”

Although animal welfare is a growing concern in the tourism industry, most of the industry is focused on green travel practices, such as eco-friendly destinations, and tourists making a minimal impact with their carbon footprint. Animal welfare policies are often overlooked as part of this growing trend of ethical travel practices, which do not include the humane treatment of animals.

CANDi’s vision is to see the travel industry embrace the humane treatment of animals as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. Our goal is to eradicate the suffering of all animals across the globe through CANDi’s sustainable and proven humane programs which can be duplicated in any part of the world.

There are things tourists can do to help the strays they encounter on vacation. The good news is, it is very possible to bring a stray animal home with you as there are no quarantine laws in Mexico and the Caribbean at this time. Tourists do not have to walk away or feel helpless. If adoption is not an option, then tourists can feed the stray, as this may be the only meal the animal receives for a length of time.

More importantly, if you can take just one animal to the local vet and if him sterilized, this will help curb the endless cycle of suffering for future generations of animals. Complaints to resorts usually leads mass culls, rather than sustainable and humane solutions like the programs CANDi offers resorts to implement at little to no cost to the hotel. The key is to help an animal while on the ground, as most tourists discover that once they leave the country, it is next to impossible to locate the animal they had hoped to help whilst on vacation.


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