We are a team of professionals from travel industry and animal welfare backgrounds who are passionate about working with travel corporations and travelers to reduce animal suffering in tourist destinations. Our working Board of Directors gets things done. Our Advisory Council provides crucial input and support. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of CANDi.

  • Board of Directors

    The founder, Darci Galati, is the President and CEO of CANDi and leads the board in its work. The primary role of the Board of Directors is to:

    • Oversee the affairs and business of CANDi
    • Establish policies, rules and regulations to carry out the mission work of CANDi
    • Support CANDi with a personal financial contribution at a level that demonstrates their personal commitment and establishes credibility if called upon to ask others to give
    • Unwaveringly stand behind and promote the mission of CANDi
    • Contribute knowledge, skills and experience in their respective areas of expertise
    Darci Galati, CANDi Founder

    Darci Galati


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    Karen Bauer - Director

    Karen Bauer


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    Katie Bauer - Director

    Katie Bauer


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    Jami Latham - Executive Director

    Jami Latham

    Executive Director

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    Tracey Buyce - Director & Official Photographer

    Tracey Buyce

    Director & Official Photographer

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    Craig Moritz - Director-Spokesperson

    Craig Moritz


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    Hector Navarro - Ambassador: Cancun

    Hector Navarro

    Ambassador: Cancun

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    Cliff Dumas - Advisory/Media

    Cliff Dumas


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    Neva Kaya - Ambassador: Puerto Rico

    Neva Kaya

    Ambassador: Puerto Rico

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    Lee Graham - Director

    Lee Graham


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    Len Butticci - Director

    Len Butticci


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    Douglas Edwards - Advisory/Media

    Douglas Edwards


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Darci Galati, Founder

  • 844-842-2634 ext 1234

Darci Galati is the embodiment of how one idea can change lives. An avid traveler and entrepreneur by heart, Galati started her own business in 1994. With the help of her mother, the two women quickly grew the company they called Dargal (a shortened version of Darci Galati’s name), to become one of the largest interline travel companies in the U.K. and North America, grossing over $25 million per year in sales.

Galati sold Dargal in 2005, but stayed on as President until 2008. It was during this time of transition that Galati, a mom of three, took her daughters on a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico. It was there that the enormous problem of stray cats and dogs on the streets of Mexico came to light. Her daughters would help feed the animals throughout the day, but they were distraught at having to leave the animals behind, starving and having to fend for themselves. Galati promised her three children she would do something to make a difference, planting the seed for what would later be known as CANDi, Cats and Dogs International.

The idea evolved after Galati first considered building a shelter in Cancun. She soon realized without any veterinary facilities or families wanting to adopt homeless pets in the area, this idea would not be a viable solution. The idea for CANDi started to evolve when Galati realized she needed to use her business background and acumen in the travel industry to create a global opportunity to help animals. She also knew that it was of paramount importance to gain the support of the tourism industry in order to start this venture. Slowly, she began to build CANDi by running free spay/neuter clinics in Cancun twice a year. The need was so great that locals would literally fight each other for a place in line. The clinics proved to be a success and filled a gap in local communities.

The next few years were spent knocking on doors in tourist resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, asking for support from the local government, hotel owners and tourist associations. With animal suffering so widespread on the streets, resort destinations like Puerto Rico were losing repeat tourism business because of the stray dog problem. The country’s solution was to round up the dogs in animal shelters, resulting in a staggering 98% euthanasia rate. Galati wanted to solve the problem sustainability and humanely, with a prototype that could be duplicated in any corner of the globe.

With that in mind, Galati built a model for CANDi which is duplicable in any country, to help end animal suffering. That model includes sterilization programs with a focus on spay, neuter, adoption and educational programs, supported and funded by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers.

To date, CANDi has focused in the communities surrounding Cancun, where they have provided ten free spay/neuter clinics, sterilizing over 10,000 animals, both owned and stray.

"My vision is to see the day when all cruise lines, airlines, tour operators endorse CANDi, so we can take our program around the globe."

Galati continues to work tirelessly to educate the travel industry on humane options available at little to no cost for them to implement as part of their mission. “It wasn’t that long ago that hotel chains had not adopted any policies to be green and sustainable, and now it is such a widespread practice that it is fast becoming the norm. I hope we can see the adoption of humane practices added to those policies. My goal is to see the day when there is no more suffering on the streets of developing countries—for humans or animals,” says Galati.

Karen Bauer, Director

Karen’s 22 years as the founder and owner of a travel company required her to travel often to tourist destinations. As an animal-lover, she was always dismayed and heartbroken to see the stray and feral cats and dogs, many sick and starving. When she would ask what was being done, she was usually met with a shrug. She realized that the impact of seeing these sad animals came home with her – and that it also did for millions of tourists. The feeling of helplessness was devastating.

Karen sold her business in 2015 and decided her efforts would now be focused on going back to do something about this tragic situation.

In her previous professional lives, Karen was a television and radio reporter, culminating at AP Network News in Washington, DC. She then worked in public relations for several years. Karen has a BA in Journalism.

At home, Karen is a large-dog foster for the Eastern Madera County SPCA. She also assists with vetting potential foster homes, feral cat trap, spay and release, public relations, media and fundraising. On the personal side, Karen credits her love of animals to her grandfather, Carl Spitz, a trainer for movie dogs. His claim to fame is as the owner and trainer of Toto in the Wizard of Oz, but his love was training war dogs to protect and work with American troops.

Karen’s hope is that this new and unprecedented social enterprise will bring international brands, governments and tourists together to make the world a more humane place for our animals.

Katie Bauer, Director

As a travel business owner specializing in the Caribbean and Mexico, Katie’s work sent her to hundreds of resorts and on cruises in these areas. Dismayed by what she saw, she decided to team up with her sister Karen and Darci Galati to make a difference in these animals’ lives.

Katie has a BA in Education and a Master’s Degree in Counseling.

At home in Vancouver, Washington, Katie is the mom of two rescue cats and the mom of a cat-crazy young daughter. Their most recent adoptee, Taffy, was found behind a dumpster at a gas station.

Jami Latham, Executive Director

More info to come.

Tracey Buyce, Director & Official Photographer

Tracey is a top-ranked wedding and pet photographer in Saratoga Springs, NY. Her work has been published in numerous high profile publications and websites. She is an active member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, Fearless Photographers and Professional Photographers of America.

Tracey graduated Summa Cum Laude from The College of St. Rose in Albany, with a degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Tracey was pursuing a Master’s Degree in mental health counseling when she changed career paths to pursue her passion, photography, and launched her own business.

A devoted animal lover, Tracey was deeply affected by Cancun’s staggering stray dog population whilst vacationing with her husband in Mexico in 2011. She was back in Cancún four months later, volunteering at one of CANDi’s twice-annual free spay/neuter clinics, and soon came on board as CANDi's official photographer.

During one such visit to Bonfil, she spotted Luna, a neglected and emaciated dog. After gaining permission from her owner to give Luna up, she found a local vet who diagnosed the dog with starvation and cancer. Luna is undergoing treatment and chemotherapy in Mexico, and with Tracey’s help, has been adopted by a family in America. Tracey will fly out to Mexico to bring Luna back to the U.S. after her chemotherapy treatment has ended in March 2013.

Tracey is married to Pete and has two rescue dogs, Roxy and Cassidy, one shelter kitty, Reece, and a horse, Paxton.

Craig Moritz, Director-Spokesperson

Best known for his voice on the country music circuit, Craig Moritz lends his voice to CANDi as our official celebrity spokesperson. After falling in love with a stray dog in Cuba while on vacation in 2010, Craig wanted to find a way to bring the dog back to Canada to adopt. At the time, Craig wasn’t successful in bringing that dog home, but upon returning home to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, he learned about CANDi through a TV broadcast. Craig immediately reached out to CANDi to lend his support.

When Craig is not touring and performing his hit country tunes for international fans, he is a mainstay at the CANDi clinics, and works hard to raise awareness and funds for CANDi and our humane animal programs.

During his time with CANDi, Craig has added new music, video and performances to his impressive repertoire. He has also added to his doggie family. Craig rescued and adopted Stella and Kramer on two separate CANDi clinics in Mexico. The two Mexican imports join Dakota and Gizmo, and all four pups occasionally get the pleasure of going on tour with Craig.

Craig is an integral part of the CANDi team. His passion for helping animals has benefited multiple initiatives, and his huge heart is almost as big as his trademark cowboy hat.

Learn more about Craig, and check out his music at

Hector Navarro, Ambassador: Cancun

Hector was born in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, studied film, photography and visual arts. Has taught visual arts at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and worked freelance on TV and film productions.

Hector and his wife are diehard animal lovers and they have rescued many animals so they know the desperate need for spay and neuter clinics.

In 2012 Hector stumbled across a ghastly photo of a doberman with her mouth taped shut in a town more than 1400 miles away and a desperate plea for help from an anonymous neighbor who had been watching the dog’s suffering. From the moment he saw the photo of the dog, Hector worked nonstop for 5 days until he was able to free and bring home the now famous Chica the Doberman.

A fan of Chica’s invited Hector to a CANDI clinic in Cancun and he was impressed by the dedication and talent of people volunteering to help alleviate the problem of stray dogs in places like Mexico.

He lives in Cancun and Torrance USA and actively participates in animal rescue and welfare activities.

He is owned by 9 dogs: 4 dobermans (Tasha, Chica, Jessie and Karma), Akela a mexican hairless, Marvin a french poodle, Chuchis a pit mix, and 2 eclectic breeds Gorupo and Max and 4 cats, Bagheera, Gatosa, Gatipo and Gatipa, all of them rescues.

Cliff Dumas, Advisory/Media

Cliff’s significant broadcast career includes being named the winner of both a CMA (Country Music Association) and ACM (Academy Of Country Music) Award for Major Market Broadcaster of the Year in the U.S. He has also been named Radio Personality of the Year in Canada 18 times and is a Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductee. Cliff is a 2012 and 2013 Mark Award Winner for Excellence in Broadcast Marketing as the voice of CHCH television.

His television career includes writing, co-producing and voicing close to 30 network shows, 18 Canadian Country Music Awards along with specials for Anne Murray, Terri Clark, Paul Brandt and countless specials for CMT.

Cliff is V.P. of Operations for Megacast. He also continues to mentor radio, television, business and entertainment professionals in the art of power communication. Cliff is also part of the creative team behind Claim2Fame. A social music site designed to help emerging artists launch, grow and promote their careers.

Neva Kaya, Ambassador: Puerto Rico

Neva grew up in the Caribbean where she got involved with rescue at a young age. She currently lives in LA with her deaf pitbull dalmatian mix Cheeseburger, who she found on the street as a puppy.

Lee Graham, Director

A New England native, Lee Graham is an attorney with a practice focusing on criminal defense and personal injury litigation in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He has previously been a police officer in Michigan and New Hampshire, and, prior to that, an Intelligence Analyst with the United States Air Force.

Lee is an avid supporter of animal rescue, and has a particular affinity for his beloved Potcakes from the Turks and Caicos Islands. Lee is currently the proud "dad" of rescue dogs Sampson, Hayden, Hayley and George.

Len Butticci, Director

Len is a successful business person in the insurance services sector, with extensive background in animal welfare and shelter operations, actively serving as Vice-President of the Board at Humane Society of Durham Region and Member of the Board of the Ontario SPCA.

Len is an active volunteer at Potcake place in Turks and Caicos and has assisted in the rescue of hundreds of Potcakes over the past 3 years.

Douglas Edwards, Advisory/Media

Doug is founder and Executive Chairman of ZoneTV, an industry leading TV media and technology company with its headquarters in Ontario’s Durham Region and in Santa Monica, California. Due to his love of animals, especially those who are in need of care, Doug decided to dedicate a large portion of his professional experience and time to help the Humane Society of Durham Region (HSDR).

Over the past three years actively service as President of the HSDR Board of Directors, Doug has dedicated his leadership skills, communications and technology experience and his extensive network to help develop a leading animal welfare organization in Canada.

Doug has also dedicated his time and support in rescues and long-term solutions around the feral Potcake population on Turks and Caicos.

  • Advisory Council

    In order to build successful programs, CANDi relies on the expertise of individuals from a variety of industry sectors. The role of the Advisory Council is to be a resource to CANDi and our Board of Directors. Advisory council members are not financially compensated for their contributions or activities. Its work complements the role of the board. The council will not be involved with the administration of CANDi, as such matters are the responsibility of staff and the Board.

    The main purpose of serving on the Advisory Council is to:

    • Assist with building relationships and partnerships to build support for CANDi and expand our reach
    • Provide advice in their respective areas of expertise to help advance the mission of CANDi
    • Support CANDi with a personal financial contribution at a level that demonstrates their personal commitment and establishes credibility if called upon to ask others to give
    • Identify new programs to benefit stray cats and dogs worldwide.

    Vicki Freed - Royal Caribbean International

    Vicki Freed

    Royal Caribbean International

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    Joni Rein - Principal, Rein Consulting

    Joni Rein

    Principal, Rein Consulting

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    Richard Sasso - Chairman, MSC North America

    Richard Sasso

    Chairman, MSC North America

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    Ted Davis - Canadian Travel Press

    Ted Davis

    Canadian Travel Press

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    Peter Denooij - Veterinarian

    Peter Denooij


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    Ryan Campbell - Software Architect

    Ryan Campbell

    Software Architect

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    John Nedeau - President, CEO-Mexico

    John Nedeau

    President, CEO-Mexico

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    Ruth Steinberger - Founder/Director, Spay FIRST!,

    Ruth Steinberger

    Founder/Director, Spay FIRST!,

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    Julie Karp - Owner, Shore Trips

    Julie Karp

    Owner, Shore Trips

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Vicki Freed, Senior Vice President, Sales, Trade Support and Service, Royal Caribbean International

Vicki Freed is Royal Caribbean International’s senior vice president of Sales, Trade Support and Service.

Freed oversees the company's sales force, the largest sales team in the cruise industry. She also manages Royal Caribbean International’s Trade Support and Service division, which includes Reservations, Group Sales and Customer Service as well as the cruise line’s Consumer Outreach division.

Freed joined the company after 29 years with Carnival Cruise Lines, where she spent the last 15 years as senior vice president of Sales and Marketing. Prior to that, Freed served in a variety of sales management positions within the cruise line. From 1998 to 2000, Freed also served as the first and only female chairman of the Cruise Line International Association, the marketing and travel agent training arm of the North American cruise industry.

During her tenure in the Cruise Industry, Freed has earned numerous awards and accolades for outstanding achievement in sales and marketing, including being named Travel Trade magazine’s “Executive of the Year,” becoming the first female executive to receive that honor. Under Freed’s sales leadership, Royal Caribbean International has been the recipient of the Travel Weekly Readers Choice Award for Best Sales & Service and the TravelAge West Wave Award for Best Travel Agent Support for 6 years in a row.

Freed serves on the board of the Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options (JAFCO) and she is a trustee of the United Way of Miami-Dade County. Previously, she served on the Florida Commission on Tourism for ten years, the board of directors for the South Florida Chapter of Make-a-Wish Foundation for nine years and the board of directors for the Association for Travel Marketing Executives.

Freed earned a bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Colorado. She also holds a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) designation.

Vicki has 2 dogs. Hartsook is a Golden Retriever and Bauer is a Chocolate Lab.

Joni Rein, Principal, Rein Consulting

Previously, as vice president of worldwide sales for CARNIVAL CORPORATION, Joni launched Carnival’s first concentrated push for international expansion – leading the global transformation from reactive to strategic expansion driven by market opportunity and ROI potential, identifying net promoters and defining market­-specific nuances to drive growth in high­ potential regions and countries. She recruited the international business development team for the GSA market, and identified in­market providers and negotiated agreements with partners in Italy, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Bazil, and other high­ margin countries.

Previously, as Carnival’s vice president of U.S. field sales, Joni headed initiatives including a nationwide sales force optimization, territory redesign, and implementation of CRM systems that delivered large­scale sales and profit improvements. Her prior experience includes both executive and management roles in sales, marketing, and business development with COSTAS CRUISES, SUNRISE SENIOR LIVING, ONLINE VACATION CENTER, and RENAISSANCE CRUISES. Joni is also involved with nonprofits, working on and with Boards to provide marketing guidance and support to nonprofits like Kids in Distress, The Broward Partnership, and The United Way.

She holds a degree in Business Administration and lives in Ft. Lauderdale with her family and their black Labrador, Layla Marie.

Richard Sasso, Chairman, MSC North America

Richard E. Sasso, Chairman of MSC North America, was most recently President and CEO of MSC Cruises USA where he held that position since 2004. He has been a popular and well-respected figure in the cruise industry for more than 35 years. After holding key positions at Costa Cruises and Chandris Cruises, Sasso joined the senior management team that launched Celebrity Cruises in 1990. He served as its president from 1995 to 2001 and was instrumental in establishing it as a top premium cruise line.

He was named to his current positions at MSC North America this year (2016). Backed by one of the world’s largest container shipping companies, MSC Cruises has emerged as a fast-rising star in the European-style premium cruise market. The company's $3 billion expansion program resulted in three additions to its fleet—MSC Armonia, MSC Lirica, and MSC Opera.

In 1999, the National Association of Cruise Only Agencies honored Sasso as "Cruise Industry Executive of the Year," a title to which he was also named by a leading travel industry magazine the same year. He has served as Chairman of both the Cruise Lines International Association and the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association.

Sasso lives in Delray Beach, Florida with his wife, Carmen.

Ted Davis, Western Canada Editor, Canadian Travel Press

Ted Davis is the Western Canada editor of two of the nation's most influential travel trade journals, Canadian Travel Press and Travel Courier magazine. He also contributes business and travel articles to newspapers and magazines throughout North America and abroad, and he is a former editor of Broadcaster, a monthly communications trade magazine published by Canwest.

Peter Denooij, Veterinarian

Peter Denooij graduated from Utrecht University, The Netherlands in 1976. He practiced veterinary medicine in Alberta, Canada, for over 25 years. He was a board member of the Edmonton Humane Society (2003 – 2009) and the Alberta SPCA (2011 – 2015), and he understands the pressing animal welfare issues associated with under-served areas.

Dr. Denooij has been an active Rotarian since 2001. His service record resulted in the purchase and distribution of over 3200 non-motorized wheelchairs for chronically poor people in Mexico, Panama, Indonesia and the Dominican Republic. His efforts to get calcium chloride into the veterinary lexicon pragmatically combines his compassion for those who are suffering with his background in veterinary medicine.

Julie Karp, Owner, Shore Trips

More info to come.

Ryan Campbell, Software Architect

Ryan has been in the web/software industry for 18 years as a Solutions Architect. He has experience leading mobile, web, desktop, server, and database development. This includes managing remote and onsite teams across the entire product development cycle.

He has led teams with up to twenty developers on agile projects that have lasted as long as two years with over a million lines of code. His clients included AT&T, BlackBerry, Cisco, FedEx, and HP. Ryan is the one that is called when big enterprises need help innovating around software.

As a software architect Ryan currently focuses on Angular 2 development with Angular.JS and Grunt, server side development with Node.JS and Grails and mobile development with iOS. Some of Ryan's previous experience includes ActionScript, Flex, AIR, iOS, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Apache. Ryan worked with Darci and was the lead programmer, which helped Dargal Interline to be one of the worlds leading interline agencies.

Ryan has a passion for non profit as well and has developed a friend-funding platform that allows anyone to raise $10K to fund building a school house in a third world country. This platform has raised over $1.4M to date which will provide education for roughly 60,000 children. Utilizes Angular JS, Grails, Node.JS, Wowza Media Server, Adobe Flex and many other technologies.

Ryan’s passion for technology, non profit and travel agency background combined with CANDi’s mission, was a great reason to work with Darci again—creating change for good and at international level.

John Nedeau, President, CEO-Mexico

John resides in Cancun, Mexico where he is President of CEO Mexico Destination Management Company. His company provides logistical assistance to corporate incentive groups visiting the destination and has sponsored airport transfers and other services for several CANDI clinics in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. CEO Mexico has been offering free transportation to our volunteers during our clinics. Because of his support, John helps CANDi makes our clinics possible.

Originally from Meredith, New Hampshire USA, he studied Small Business Administration & Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University in Boston graduating with honors in 1988. His original career was in research administration holding positions at Harvard affiliated Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary and later at Columbia University in New York City. In 1995 he followed a friend to Cancun and began working in the hospitality industry. In 1999 he created The Cancun Event Organizers DMC for Palace Resorts where he was the Director of the agency. In 2003 he separated from the hotel chain and in 2007 tweaked the name to its current version, Corporate Event Organizers DMC.

John intends to become a full Mexican citizen soon and continue living in beautiful Cancun. He is the proud father of two labs, brothers Brady and Tyson, whom he adopted 4 years ago as puppies. John supports CANDI’s mission as he sees on a daily basis the heartbreak of unloved and homeless cats and dogs on the streets of Cancun.

Ruth Steinberger, Founder/Director, Spay FIRST!

Ruth Steinberger, founder and director of Spay FIRST!, has coordinated rural pet sterilization programs since 1993, assisting at-risk animals through spay/neuter, education and improved public statutes.

Ruth moved to Oklahoma in 1999 to reside in an area with no existing low-income spay/neuter programs, and has worked closely with volunteer networks, veterinarians, humane organizations, tribes and municipalities to develop services for animals in communities facing chronic poverty.

She was a founding board member of Tulsa based SPAY Oklahoma, the first high-volume spay/neuter clinic in Oklahoma. In 2006 she received the prestigious ASPCA Henry Bergh Award. Believing that education on all fronts is vital to helping animals, Ruth developed anti-cruelty training for Oklahoma peace officers.

Ruth was a presenter at the 2012 World Health Organization’s First International Conference on Dog Population Management (DPM), the 2012 World Rabies Day webinar and Spay FIRST! has partnered with USDA to conduct field trials on an injectable sterilent for female dogs.

Ruth is an honorary member of Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA). In recognition of Spay FIRST’s leading research on non-surgical sterilization of companion animals, along with Dr Charles Helwig and Dr Billy Clay she received the 2013 OVMA Presidents’ Choice Award.

  • Volunteers

    These key volunteers and consultants help to make CANDi's work possible.

    Sandra Train - Manager Transport Program

    Sandra Train

    Manager Transport Program

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    Ray Wheatley - Clinic Travel Manager

    Ray Wheatley

    Clinic Travel Manager

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    Michelle Culpeper - Volunteer

    Michelle Culpeper


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    Vanessa Maganza - Art Director/Web Designer

    Vanessa Maganza

    Art Director/Web Designer

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    Allison Badger - Social Media Manager

    Allison Badger

    Social Media Manager

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Sandra Train, Manager Transport Program

Sandra is a lawyer in Toronto at one of Canada's top ranked personal injury firms. While she loves being a lawyer her first love is dogs. Watching CNN's coverage of Hurricane Katrina was the starting point of Sandra's involvement in dog rescue. She felt powerless watching the news so booked a flight and went down to help in New Orleans. She brought back a dog hoping to find her a good home but never left.

While she has done dog rescue in Cuba her main focus has been in Mexico specifically Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres. She first started by escorting dogs back to Toronto. Then evolved to buying kennels and having them shipped down to Mexico on Air Transat. Toronto rescues supported her cause and gave her donations to take down to their counterparts in Mexico. She works with a number of rescues in both Toronto and Mexico to help identify dogs who would do well in Toronto.

As CANDi's Transport Manager she is the contact person between rescues and Air Transat to help arrange humanitarian goods to be sent to anywhere Air Transat flies or fly rescue dogs to Canada. Air Transat is the main reason so many donations and crates get to the places where they are needed most.

Ray Wheatley, Clinic Travel Manager

Michelle Culpeper, TBD

Michelle Culpeper is an elementary school teacher in Ontario who is committed to animals. She made a career change about 6 years ago, from working in the Nutritional Sciences field, as well as working at a group home with handicapped adults for over 10 years. Michelle has always had a love for animals, and has been exposed to pets (mainly dogs) all her life.

Vanessa Maganza, Art Director/Web Designer

Vanessa Maganza is art director and designer with over 10 years experience working on projects ranging from retail to social media, with a strong understanding of web design principles such as user experience, usability and accessibility.

Vanessa has been an animal lover her entire life, having had dogs, rabbits and mice throughout her upbringing. She worked several years in a veterinarian's office, as well as a doggy daycare where she loved and cared for every breed of dog you could think of. Vanessa has volunteered with various animal rescues and shelters, knowing that all animals deserve to be loved and shown compassion as much as our own. Being part of CANDi allows her to combine her love for animals with her skill as a web designer and help raise awareness and foster the mission of the organization.

Allison Badger, Social Media Manager

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