Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does CANDi Do?

    CANDi works with the tourism industry to humanely help reduce the suffering of cats and dogs in tourism destinations through programs including spay/neuter, education and adoption. This is accomplished through unique fundraising efforts and partnerships with local governments.
  • What makes CANDi unique?

    CANDi, unlike any other animal-related non-profit in our segment, works with tourism partners in tourist destinations. Those partners include travel companies such as cruise lines, hotels and resorts who are committed to educating their clients and passengers about companion animal welfare and offering them opportunities to help. And those partners also include you.
  • Where does CANDi Have Programs?

    Currently, CANDi has established or planned programs in the Caribbean, Mexico and French Polynesia.
  • When was CANDi Established?

    CANDi was founded in 2006 by Darci Galati who at the time owned a major travel agency. She was heartbroken at the sight of stray, malnourished and suffering cats and dogs as she traveled the world for her company.
  • How is CANDi funded?

    Currently, we are funded completely by donations, we are 100% volunteer-driven and 100% of donations go to our programs. We are working with our corporate travel partners to launch a Social Enterprise company that will provide funds via sales of animal-related items onboard cruise ships and at resorts. We are also tapping into the $60 billion-a-year pet industry with awareness-raising campaigns.
  • How can I help?

    If you are with tourism company, you can contact us about our existing animal-welfare programs, or work with us to design a unique program for your company. We also offer a Seal of Approval program, which you can then promote to let your clients know that you are working with CANDi towards a solution to the suffering of dogs and cats in tourism destinations.

    If you are with the pet industry, you can contact us regarding our Social Enterprise and how you can help support CANDi’s fundraising and awareness efforts through sales of our items and outreach to your client base.

    And if you are a traveler concerned about the suffering of cats and dogs in a location you have visited or plan to visit, you can volunteer with us; you can make sure the next company you choose to book with has the CANDi Seal of Approval, and of course you can make a donation. We also suggest you read our “Know Before You Go” information pamphlet.