Oscar the Mountain Man

oscar, the dog

I live in Cancun and help Maria Alicia with RAP, her dog shelter. My sister came to town to visit and I took her to see the shelter. Maria Alicia started to talk about each and every one of the dogs and there full story. They all have great stories by the way...When she got to "Oscar" she just kept saying how he was such a nice dog and he needed a lot of space for running around and how he had the greatest personality and how he had grown up at the shelter and needed a new life.

My sister already has 2 dogs and 2 cats in Denver. But she volunteered to take Oscar with her to Denver and find him a home. Caroline, my sister was leaving the next day, but I was going up to Denver in a week. So in that week Caroline started looking for a home for Oscar. She found him a wonderful home and in a few days Oscar was on an airplane bound for Denver and his new life. Maria Alicia came to the airport with me and she had put a bright green shirt on Oscar to make sure he didn't get cold on the airplane. He looked so cute. It was going to be in the 30's when I landed in Denver. So I took lots of pictures with Maria Alicia and Oscar and then they said there good bye's. You can imagine how happy Maria Alicia looked. It was bitter sweet but she knew that little Oscar was going to have the greatest life in the mountains. He made it to the US and my sister picked us up with her 2 dogs and a red sweater for Oscar. Dogs from the tropics aren't used to the cold. Or so we thought...We put the sweater on him and when we got home took him to the park that was full of snow. So much for thinking that he would be cold. I've never seen a happier dog. He was a little skeptical of the white fluffy powder, but when he tasted it and rolled around in it...it was love at first sight. Now whenever it snows, he can't wait to go outside and play in it. His new owners take him on hikes all the time and he even goes up to Vail on the weekends to relax from the stressful week of being in the city :)

My sisters adopted Oscar out to a guy that lives close to them. Because of this they babysit Oscar all of the time. I was recently in Denver and Oscar happened to be staying over for the weekend. It was great to see how happy the little guy was. He goes running in the park every day and plays ball every morning. It is a very happy ending for Oscar and Maria Alicia. Maria Alicia works so hard for these dogs and you can't imagine how appreciative she is that we were able to find him a home.

So, that is our story...I hope this inspires more people to adopt Cancun dogs.

Sincerely, Jennifer

photo of oscar

photo of oscar at the airport

photo of oscar in the snow

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