whoppi sitting between her mom and dad.

Whoppi came into our lives in March 2009. She had been in an animal shelter in Cancun, where she was being restored to health. Rescued from a life of ticks, fleas and abuse, with a broken tail to show for her life of despair, it was her eyes that told the tale. Even though she had been fed and had attention paid to her while in the shelter, her eyes had no spark to them, they were as dull as dry Yucatan limestone sand.

Darci Galati brought Whoppi to us on her return trip from Cancun.

I picked her up in the morning, she had already been fed. A bath, once she was accustomed to her new surroundings, was in order. She lapped up the attention we lavished on her. About 3:30 that afternoon a sparkle came to Whoppi’s eyes. The next day her eyes started to glimmer.

Everyone falls in love with our Whoppi, she is so mild mannered, well behaved and affectionate. Whoppi responds to commands and is very quick to learn. She stays most of her day within a few feet of us, but not in the way. Only sweeping with a broom causes her concern.

We needed Whoppi, she has a job to do at our farm. Whoppi is our new night guard dog as we have chickens and fruit trees that need protection from the frequent visits of coyotes and deer in our area. I am sure the streets of Cancun have prepared her to survive! It is most convenient not to have to raise a puppy and Whoppi is about a year old – perfect for our needs.

In one week Whoppi has come to life herself while making our life easier. Our old farm dog can rest now and the young one can take over her duties. Whoppi has won a special place in our hearts! I am thankful to everyone involved in the process of getting her to us.

Diane and Allan Wiebe

whoppi on the grass with her paws up on her dads shoulders as he kneels

whoppi on the grass getting some love from her dad

whoppi standing on the grass between her mom and dad, who are sitting down

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