Cat Café

Most tourist destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean have stray cat populations. Vacationing animal lovers often feed and shelter these cats. But when the tourists leave for home, the cats are again left to fend for themselves. Most are malnourished and need veterinary care. Unsterilized, they continually procreate, bringing more and more unwanted kittens into lives of suffering.

Unaware of humane alternatives, many resorts control their stray cat populations using cruel and savage methods, such as poisoning and drowning. CANDi's Cat Café Program is a humane, viable, long-term solution to managing stray cat populations. Under the program, a resort sets aside a designated area where the cats have shelter and access to food and water. Through CANDi’s partnership with a local animal organization, the cats are spayed or neutered and given health care. Resort staff and local volunteers monitor the cats and maintain the site.

Once the Cat Café is in place and operational, it becomes a popular attraction for animal-loving tourists who can enjoy the company of the cats without having to worry about their long-term safety.