International Adoptions

We believe that all cats and dogs, no matter their pedigree or place of origin, deserve loving homes. CANDi, our travel industry supporters and our Humane Partners are making this dream possible for stray cats and dogs that would not otherwise have this option.

If you are a pet lover interested in adopting a rescue dog or cat, you can find many wonderful dogs and cats at one of our approved Humane Partners in Mexico and Canada:

One of the unique things about our clinics is that we also give our volunteers, many belonging to a tight animal adoption networks back home in the U.S. and Canada, an opportunity to plan in advance to bring rescue dogs homes. Since CANDi is not an animal rescue organization, but rather, an organization who works with animal rescue groups. We help facilitate and offer resources so these groups can focus their funds on the real solution – sterilization! At our recent clinic(s) we save as many as 50 puppies from a horrible death on the streets and over 30 dogs were flown back to Canada and the U.S. with volunteers after the clinic. For those interested, here is our process: This is what you need to know in advance to prepare for bringing rescue dogs home with you after a clinic: Pack enough kennels with you on your flight TO THE CLINIC for the number of dogs you are planning on bringing back. Kennels are not available at the clinics but can be purchased at a local Costco (if available for approximately $150) have foster homes prepared BEFORE you leave BEFORE you book your flight to the clinic, be sure the airline allows pets in cargo or the cabin Pre-book your rescue dog on the return flight. As an example, if you are planning on bringing two dogs and only have one dog, it can be remedied at the airline check-in counter Things to know: CANDi works closely with local animal groups during the clinics. After-all the sterilization programs is a major part of the solution. Our goal is to also help local animal groups reduce their numbers at the shelter so they can continue to take in other dogs in need. To view dogs available for adoption, you can view them at The local animal group will help you with their medical health records and paperwork for the flight. Paperwork will be at a minimal cost per animal. Puppies – It is common for the local people to bring in puppies that are found on the street. They know these puppies will have a chance with us. It is also common, during our spay/neuter and release program of street dogs, that we will find mothers with young puppies and we do not put them back on the street. Instead we are lucky to have found a partner and friend in Alison Current from Isla animals ( Because of Alison we do not have to put a puppy back on the street. Instead, they are put in her animal shelter where they will be quarantined, vaccinated until they are healthy enough to be sent to Canada to new and loving homes waiting for them. It is because of our support of adopting her puppies, that she will have room for others needing her help. Remember: "by adopting an animal, you have saved the lives of two; the one you have adopted and the one you have made room for at the shelter" If you have any questions about bringing a rescue dog with you after a clinic, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Finding a dog for adoption in Cancun has never been easier. CANDi's Humane Partners always have dogs that have been fully vetted and are waiting to go to their forever home. You can meet them personally while you are in Cancun, or choose one from our website. IT IS SO EASY. Just follow these simple steps below. Call your airline to be sure they will let you travel with a dog. You can get good information by visiting your airline's website. Be sure to register your pet at least 24 hours prior to your flight. Once you have chosen your new best friend, a CANDi volunteer will take your dog to the vet for his/her health certificate. You can buy a kennel in Cancun (Costco is good) or you can use one of ours if the right size is available. You can bring the kennel back on your next visit, or give it to your local animal shelter. We always appreciate a donation for the use of the kennel. On the day of your flight, a CANDi volunteer will meet you at the airport with your new family member. We will stay with you until your pet has been checked through. Check with your airline to find out if you can bring your dog back with you on your flight. If you are returning to North America, there is no quarantine and your dog must be vaccinated within 10 days of your travel date. It really is that simple. If for some reason you can’t bring your dog home on your flight, CANDi can help you look at alternative options like booking your dog onto a flight at a later date. How do you adopt a dog if you are not in Cancun? Adoptable dogs are listed right here on our website. CANDi will work with you to make the necessary arrangements to bring home your new best friend.