Spay and Neuter

Stray cats and dogs are found on the streets of communities in every key tourist destination in Mexico and the Caribbean. Homeless and fending for themselves, these animals are often malnourished and suffer from injury and disease. Unsterilized, they continually procreate, bringing more and more unwanted puppies and kittens into lives of suffering.

With few resources and limited knowledge of humane alternatives, local municipalities often deal with the stray animal problem in unimaginably savage ways – through mass electrocution, poisoning and drowning – out of sight of tourists. These methods are not only inhumane, they are also ineffective. Mass killings do nothing to address the underlying causes of animal overpopulation.

The best alternative is to bring together the local government, local community, and local animal welfare groups in support of a shared goal: a humane, sustainable, long-term solution to stray animal overpopulation. The most effective long-term solutions is to establish low or no-cost spay/neuter programs that are easily accessible. Through our partnerships with local animal organizations in Mexico and the Caribbean, CANDi is bringing such programs to communities in need.

CANDi Clinics

Since 2008, CANDi, together with local humane partners, has sterilized more than 10,000 dogs and cats in Mexico. Our pilot program, Project Cancun, has united community stakeholders in a shared vision and provides them with the tools they need to reach that vision. These tools draw from CANDi's main program elements: education in responsible pet ownership, fundraising for long-term sustainability, a humane partnership network, expertise from international animal groups, and low-cost or free sterilizations.

Our clinics bring animal lovers from all over the U.S. and Canada to save millions of dogs and cats from being born in to a life of suffering. Additionally, volunteers may also then fly rescue dogs back to loving homes in their respective countries.

Food, shelter, and transportation are often sponsored by corporate partners allowing 90% of CANDi donations to fund medicine and direct animal care. Help support CANDi clinics

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