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  • Fundraising

    Whether you're a volunteer coming to one of CANDi's clinic, or you just want to support our work, there are many ways to fundraise both online and in your community through events..
  • Online fundraising

    Start your personal fundraising page! CANDi offers custom fundraising pages for individuals which allows you to tell your story, post photos, email friends and family, and track your fundraising success.

I am a volunteer coming to your clinic. How can I raise money for your clinic?

Since medicine is too difficult to bring in through Mexican customs, and certain items can be purchased for the same price as in U.S. or Canada, we focus on raising enough money to buy the medicine in Mexico. We have reduced our costs so that we know we need to raise $20 per animal. At each clinic our goal is to do 500 animals or more. We have the support and the volunteers to do this. So each clinic we need to raise $10,000. The more money we raise, the more animals we will do during the clinic.

We raise money through corporate support, major donations from individuals, match programs, and our volunteers who do fundraising BEFORE the clinic. Many of our vets and technicians who work in a vet office will put up jars in their office to raise money. Does this work? Absolutely. Some offices raise between $1,000 to $2,000. Add that up with a few clinics and volunteers and we are well on our way.


Getting ready before the clinic:
One example is what a vet and her technician did out of a small office in Canada. They put a few jars in their clinic and over the next few months, they raised $2,000.
Another great volunteer has an annual garage sale for our clinics. Each year our volunteers raise up to $2,000. They plan it well in advance and receive the support of her neighborhood to donate items and get involved.

Dog Competitions:
We have had a few people who run agility competitions and dog shows who have created some fun ways to raise money for our clinics. Cathy at Huckleberry hounds and Lorraine in has raised hundreds of dollars.

If you are interested in helping us raise money for our next clinic or you have more ideas or would like to be more involved in coordinating our fundraising events, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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