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Tourist’s Guide to Animal Welfare

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CANDi works throughout Mexico and the Caribbean

CANDi International - is an international animal welfare organization that works with other international animal welfare groups, animal rescue groups in Mexico, the Caribbean, US and Canada. CANDi partners with these groups with a common goal of saving lives of stray/abandoned dogs and cats through sterilization, education and adoption programs.

Through the support of the tourism industry and CANDi we can raise awareness and funding to accomplish these goals.

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Volunteer Abroad

CANDi works with international and local organizations in Mexico and the Caribbean. Opportunities exist for all types of volunteers.

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No matter how you wish to support us, there are many ways to get involved, including fundraising both online and in your community.

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  • I was nervous going into this experience as I was very unsure of what to expect, but to see the gratitude and smiles from each of the owners made it all worthwhile and brought tears to my eyes on a number of occasions.

    Nicole Barton, AHT
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  • I definitely plan on taking part in the program again and would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for helping animals in need.

    Veronica Oggy, RVT
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  • Everyone was willing to show and teach others, and after just a few hours on day one we were in a groove like we’d been doing it for years.

    Melanie Boccaccio
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  • An extra bonus was interacting with the local vets, volunteers and owners. I really feel like I made a difference for the animals and their families.

    Janet Jones, DVM
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  • These animals lives and quality of life will be changed for the better, and the amount of continuing care I see going on down there gives me peace of mind that there are people who tirelessly give their time to help.

    Michelle Culpeper
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Puppy Chebela

Talk about last minute! Thanks to the persistent calls the Wilhelm family made to Maria Alicia the day before Jean and I were to leave Cancun, we were able to bring another puppy, Chebela, back home with us. My friend Jean and I had just spent a whirl wind week…

Baxter Travel editor adopts rescue dog from Cancun

Olga of Mexico is now a Canadian citizen -- and the dog who basked in Caribbean beach weather during her first 18 months of life faced a totally different world in Burlington, Ontario this past January. Did she have any idea what winter in Ontario was all about? Not likely,…

CANDi's First Adoption

This is such a rewarding story. In January we were contacted by Will who wanted to adopt one of our precious puppies. Will was in Connecticut and didn’t know how to get his puppy flown to him in the US. Melody Nichols, CANDi’s US Adoption Liaison was an incredible help.…

Chico's Sister - Chica

I had planned for 9 months to go to Cancun and assist with our first spay and neuter clinic. I was so excited to be a part of making a difference with all of the homeless dogs we have down there. It was two months prior to my leaving when…